Crítica Jesus Pizarro

From catalogue of art exhibition “Construyendo Espacios” (“Building spaces”) at Mª Nieves Martín´s Hall-Atelier in Villafranca de los Barros.

Sometimes I think about why Still-life paintings are called Dead Nature. Energy from each artist and passion showed in their works, contradict the name in most of the occasions. Certainly, in other cases, nature is really lifeless.

Rosana belongs to the first group. She is exhibiting the best she makes on the technique most deeply known by her.
“Alive nature” creation and translucence of her fluid watercolours, with broad strokes and barest details, express themselves Rosana´s characteristics. She is transparent, mild and swift at the same time; she represents with a line some aspects of daily life and she is committed to a classical novelty what disconcerts us occasionally.

That coexistence on the struggle of reverse styles makes my interest in her paintings perceives quiet times transformed incessantly, bright colours and neutral tones, delicate figures and energetic touches interwoven in every of her creations.

Soften our gaze and let ourselves be swayed by her own way, where expressionist, geometric and cubist experiences converge, shaped on sea sceneries, urban views and still-life compositions, all joined with eminent common friends as Picasso, Mondrian, Valdés Leal or Turner who make our artist’s style warmer and clear.

Jesús Pizarro.