Water in one form or another has always been present in my life

I was born in Mérida (Extremadura), a city of romam origin, built by the banks of the river Guadiana. I was drawn to the sea by the city’s proximity to the coast and found peace quietness and inspiration.
I have a passion for painting water colours, in part due to the combining of paint to water and observing the fascinating outcome in terms of colours. Just to see the way the colour moves and flows in the water, how it slides smoothly and merges with others colours and the way some colours dominate others with slow or rapid trajectory, depending on the temperature, humidity or swiftness of the hand or stroke of the brush.
My background is somewhat autodidactic and I say “somewhat”, because I learnt from watching by the way some masters paint using water colours as with the late Catalan artist José Martínez Lozano.
He helped me to find and discover the freedom of water colour painting through the way he worked, with a delicate but firm hand. He used to compare painting water colours to a woman and called it sensual.
I learnt also from another artist, Justo Sanfalices who taught me to left fly my imagination and led me on how to construct and deconstruct.
Lastly, the start, the school in Priego de Córdoba, when I discovered water colour painting and from where I took flight, where I met many of the painters and friends that passed on to me their knowledge and experiences. And through risking to look a little mystical, it can turn into something spiritual.
I have been for 10 years now dedicated to painting water colours and during this decade I have researched, experienced, worked with textures, materials and tools, forging my own pictorial path, which you can enjoy in this website. I hope you do enjoy it and leave myself open to your thoughts.

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