Crítica Fernando Perez

From painting exhibition “Líneas y Urbanos” (Lines & Urban) at Alaudae Pub in Mérida

Watercolour brings about the expression of Rosana´s private and intuitive attitudes. Her work is translated into an outburst of colour, what achieves an immediate impact over the senses, as well as to determine a wide range of emotional responses. Rosana´s powerful and spontaneous washes flow into compositions which grow over themselves.
That leads us to a lyrical abstraction (evocative of Kandinsky) through splashes of colour.
Everyday landscapes stand out; they are gleaned from the surrounded urban reality, created from an intense vitality and a minimalist expression, where abstract buildings become into simplified representations, basic structures, with noticeable cube shapes and firm strokes. An unfinished world, where the little figures spring up out of nowhere, dozing under the serenity of civilization.
Doubtless Rosana has got mastering the fresh transparency of watercolour, composing an innovative world made from pure shapes and arranged colours, where everything is stirring in a perfect balance and a subtle harmony.